Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh, summer....

Happy August, everyone. Ewww, August. I'm sure that by this point of the summer you all are just about ready to jump off a bridge becuase you're sick of being stuck with news stories about Alex Ovechkin's odd pre-game ritual and just want real hockey to start again. I know I am.

But luckily we have plenty of other ridiculous Red Wings related news to keep us busy. From the looks of it, Nick Lidstrom will be named captain of Team Sweden, and the roster will be once again filled with the rest of the Detroit Red Wings. They had their pre-Olympic gathering a few days ago, featuring tiny sandwiches, cult-like outfits, and Henrik Zetterberg's new haircut.

Like half the team got married this week, too. Jimmy Howard was practically forbidden from going on a honeymoon this summer by Ken Holland because it would have been too close to training camp, and Johan Franzen's wedding had to be delayed because Hank and Emma were late.

I am unable to confirm if this was because Hank was held up at the barber, but that's this blog's official speculation, mostly because the only other thing we have to speculate about is which two free agents Ken Holland's about to pull out of his ass.


Animal Drew said...

As much as I love them, Hank and Kronner look like DORKS. Hank's haircut is terrible and Nik Jr. sporting glasses? I also so B.A. Johnny Ericsson and Lilja? Isn't he still having headaches? Maybe that's why he looks so PO'd.

Thanks for the read.


Animal Drew said...

"I also so B.A. Johnny Ericsson and Lilja?" so = saw...sorry.