Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seriously, Kenny?

Wings trade Ville Leino for Ole-Kristian Tollefsen and a 5th round pick in 2011 (which which, presumably, they'll pick Henrik Zetterberg's superstar successor).

Um... ok, I knew somebody had to go, maybe still more people, and Ville Leino was pretty damn high on everybody's hypothetical/prospective chopping block. You know, because he got scratched like every game. And his play... designated him semi-official fan scapegoat in Andreas Lilja's extended absence (don't worry guys - Lindsay saw him play in Grand Rapids last night - he's back to his shot-blocking, hard-hitting, questionable defensive choices self again).

And I'll miss him, because I was still holding out hope for him.

But who the crap is Ole-Kristian Tollefsen?

All we could find about him was that he was
  • a defenseman
  • a long-time Blue Jacket
  • Norwegian
  • incredibly injury-prone
I'm not really sure where Kenny's going with this. I really hope we just dealt Leino to get a guy, and not just took on a guy to get rid of Leino.


Scott said...

They didn't deal Leino just to get a player. They dealt Leino for someone making less than Leino so we can afford to put Franzen back on the roster when he returns on Tuesdeay.

Allan said...

Actually it was brilliant move by Kenny.

If they put Leino on waivers, he would've been picked up for sure. So they traded him for Tollefsen and a 5th round pick. Tollesfson, who makes $200,000 less than Leino will immediately be put on waivers and will clear and be sent to Grand Rapids. That'll clear up the full $800,000 that the Wings had tied up in Leino.

So instead of losing Leino for nothing (through the waiver wire), Kenny managed to get a prospect player for the farm team, a 5th round pick, and cleared up the whole cap space to help for Franzen's return.