Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hey, we're back

We know we've been gone for what it internet time accounts for something like four years. I'm sure you all felt the void in your hearts, even if you didn't know what it was. That empty feeling you've had for the last month and a half? That's you not being exposed to bad music or MS Paint jobs.

No, we're kidding. it took our own mother until three days ago to realize we'd been gone; we can only imagine how little the rest of the internet cares. We plan to continue throwing bad music and MS Paints at you regardless.

Today's loss against the Kings was especially painful after Saturday's loss against the Coyotes. It highlighted a lot of the issues that, had this blog been writing about the Red Wings over the last few weeks, would have been touched on in this blog over the last few weeks - the defense has been a little shaky lately (Ericsson's the second-best statistically right now - and no, Lidstrom's not the guy ahead of him), the offense hasn't been producing like it needs to be, and the goaltending's been... well, at least we have Jimmy.

Granted, to miss the playoffs at this point, the whole team would pretty much have to stage a protest and just sit down on the ice and start playing Hungry Hungry Hippos for the rest of the season, but still. The Wings need to get it in gear. They've got a week of games against the Blackhawks next month, followed by god only knows what in the playoffs. Sadness, if they go in playing like this.

I don't know if there's anything I can do to ease any of the pain of tonight's loss - even though it's technically Wednesday, the best wtf-ery I have pertaining to the Kings is Anze Kopitar's baby pictures.

But all these seem to do for me is lead into an unfortunate paradox. Nothing this adorable should be allowed to score on the Red Wings, end of story.

I didn't lead into the post with the promise of pantsless pictures of Slovenians, but maybe I should have.

What kind of animal is that rug made from???