Friday, October 9, 2009

Winning is nice

Winning is very nice.

I know that between flukey injuries and low goal production, Tomas Kopecky wasn't exactly a perennial favorite among most Wings fans, but he's well liked around our household, and it was a little hard watching him... be a Blackhawk... ugh.

And uh, Brad May. Yeah. Who'da thought?

Today is Henrik Zetterberg's birthday. Fittingly, it's also Leif Ericson Day. Happy vikings!

Ericson spelled with one S looks wrong now. Thanks for that one, Fabio.


Scott said...

This is very very bad. Franzen is out for 4 months.

T/L said...

Oh wow. I'd add at least three more 'very's to that.

And thanks for the heads up on this - it's hard to stay on top of news the weekends when both of us are at our parents' house.

Scott said...

Hey, no problem. I like to believe that what a woman from Michigan I met in Sweden said is true "Red Wings fans are like a family."

Anonymous said...

love your pic of the swedes