Saturday, November 28, 2009


Two games. 80 shots on net. No goals. The first double shutout since 1977.




Maybe I should have been a little more specific when I said that I wanted to witness Red Wings history when I attended the only two games I was going to get to attend in probably two years.

I'm not really sure how this makes me feel. I don't know if I want to be angry, or if I want to laugh, or if I want to throw myself off the ambassador bridge, or maybe I want to do all three. I had the urge to do all three today, but I don't think jumping off a bridge while laughing angrily at hockey is quite the way I want to go. But I don't even have anything relevant to say about the game yet, except that it was ridiculous. I'm sort of too in shock right now at it having happened in the first place to form an opinion about it.

Seriously, what was that?

Remember how Lindsay wanted to corner Jarome Iginla in an elevator and give him a swift kick in the shins for his team's past transgressions before tonight's game? Her blind hatred of the Calgary Flames has now crossed over into the realm of the comedic. I've spent most of the night whispering "Dion Phaneuf" from across the room and watching her face spasm with disgust.

It's funny in the same way that disallowed goals aren't.


Michael Petrella said...

Seriously. Two obvious goals disallowed in like a week and a half? Oy.

I've been following the Red Wings since the early 80s, and there were some dark, dark times in those years. But, now that I'm old enough to - ya know - understand what's going on, it's a troubling time. I won't go so far as to say this is the worst they've played in two decades, but it's getting there.

Christine said...

My face spasmed in disgust a few times, too, but it only had a little bit to do with Phaneuf.