Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What happened to the All Star game?

I don't even know if anybody reads this. My sister and I were supposed to be working as a team, with one of her jobs being the pimping out of my awesome writing skillz to the internet at large, a job from which I might have to fire her (not least of all because I've been reconsidering whether the world really deserves to be subjected to the thoughts running through my head.)

However - the fact of the matter is that somebody might, so I feel compelled, nay, obligated, to make sure they're well aware of the fact that as of today, Mike Babcock is the only Red Wing in the All Star game.

The Chief at A2Y has covered this subject better than I could ever hope to.

If you don't already read that blog, you should leave this one immediately and go do it.

And I agree with much of what has been said in the comments of that post, but mostly with the burning desire for Babcock to show up on the bench in his Winter Classic fedora. If that were promised, I would no doubt watch the game.

On the CBC feed, though. Blegh, Versus.

This weekend, I'm heading back down to the east side, but even with good home cooking, that's my loss. If any of you are within reasonable driving distance of Grand Rapids, I've got something you can do instead of letting your eyes glaze over during the skills competition on Saturday - Darren McCarty is signing autographs at that night's Griffins game.

For a $13 upper bowl seat you get - a live hockey game against Calgary's farm team; a Griffins-themed rally towel; to listen to Karen Newman sing the national anthem; to meet Darren fricking McCarty; a post-game autograph session with three players, two of which have actually played games with the Red Wings; and so much more! (well... not that much more.)

More information can be found here.

I can't go, or I would. You should go. Let me live vicariously through you. I'm stuck at home watching the All Star game. This year, I'm rooting for the goalies.


IwoCPO said...

Good stuff. Welcome to world of Wing Blogging. Don't skip even a single day or at least two or three readers will remind you how lame you are.

That's the extent of my advice. Have fun.