Tuesday, March 23, 2010


After a back-to-back buzzer-beating weekend, I was pretty convinced that the Wings' luck had been all used up and that I would have to sit through the world's most miserable Penguins game I've seen since June, and maybe even ever because at least then I didn't have have to stare at Brian Engblom's mullet during intermission. Though I did have to listen to Pierre Mcguire. It's kind of a lose-lose situation, I guess.

if mcguire and engblom traded hair, my life would pretty much be over

BUT - if the Red Wings are going to keep doing what they just did, I don't really care what network I have to watch it on. They won 3-1, which would have been higher on both sides if both goalies weren't ridiculous (which for Jimmy I was pleasantly surprised and for Fleury I was unpleasantly unsurprised). And speaking of goalies, I'm probably the hundredth person to put this video up, but look me in the eye and honestly tell me you're already sick of watching Howard pull Crosby away from Bertuzzi (which was probably a good thing for Crosby) by his face.

Lindsay got a text message that this was happening, ran away from dance practice to the big screen tv in GV's fieldhouse, right in the middle of a group of kids studying (which made them all leave), and then sat on a table in front of said tv to watch Versus replay it. I'd worry that she's getting a reputation over there as "crazy hockey girl", but it's a big school, so she's probably got another solid year and a half of hijinks left before complete strangers start calling her out on it.

The win has us in 8th spot, four points ahead of Calgary. This is a spectacular day to be a Red Wings fan.


Spencer said...

What did the text say?!?

Anonymous said...

Bertuzzi getting ahold of Sids face could have only improved it.

Scott said...

Imagine if this was the pre-"incident" Bertuzzi? It would not have ended well for Sid.