Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seriously, Chicago Tribune?

So, the Red Wings haven't been doing so great lately. I mean, alright, they played pretty well the last few games, but... they didn't win them, as close as they came, and come playoff time, the real season, winning's what matters. Maybe you're getting a little disillusioned. A little frustrated. Maybe you're starting to turn your gaze elsewhere for your hockey needs (stay with me here) and this last week's epic-tacular bout against the Chicago Blackhawks caught your lonely eye.

Are you ready to become a Blackhawks bandwagon fan? They've written you a guide. Go, join their powerful, thriving caravan as it rolls towards its destiny. Patrick Sharp will be there with you, though he won't be looking particularly thrilled*.

Or maybe you're a girl. Here are four convincing reasons to go to games anyway, and a comprehensive guide to what you should wear once you decide to learn the ways of the puckbunny.

Chicago's real fan seems a little offended.

*I don't know, maybe that's just Patrick Sharp's face. I try not to look at Patrick Sharp too closely since last spring, because even though a lot of players are different people on the ice, I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the thought that someone who looks like such a nice guy almost speared off Nick Lidstrom's balls.

But if he does look tenative about the situation in that photoshoot, it's probably because the author of the second article I linked is there behind the camera, drooling.

Go Wings.


Scott said...

Well at least the Hawks are letting their fans know that they are welcoming people who are going to have no clue what they're talking about and will end up going to games just to get drunk and tell their friends the next day "I WAS AT THE HAWKS GAME LAST NIGHT AND THEY BEAT THE HURRICANES 11-0!!!!!!!!!1" But they won't remember the last 8 goals because they were blacked out drunk, bro-hugging everyone around them while running around in his freshly bought bandwagon fan Hossa jersey.
It's too bad Chicago is such a beautiful city.

k of c said...

Hey, the real fans in Chicago, new and old, are pretty horrified by that whole section and had fun making fun of it too.

And I won't deny there's some people fitting Scott's descriptions at the games I've gone to...