Thursday, January 21, 2010


No one except Drew Miller's mom was thinking "Oh, Zetterberg, Bertuzzi, and Cleary couldn't score? Don't worry, Drew'll get us out of this one." Maybe they should have been, but they probably weren't.

It took the events of the last week, but Lindsay's finally been cured of her desire for every hockey game in the history of ever to end with a shootout testing the skills of every player on each team including the back-up goalies. Now she at least agrees that the Red Wings should stop that sort of ridiculousness immediately.

The Red Wings winning a game is an occurrence more rare this season than I'm accustomed to, so when it's happened lately, it's like it was a playoff game or something and I'm jumping around the house forgetting how either team played and am suddenly at a loss for anything to say besides some variation on "Yay we won".

But I can say that I don't really like the Minnesota Wild.

I'm not just throwing that out there, either. If I came on here and put the hate on all 29 other teams and fanbases that weren't my own, you wouldn't be surprised at all, because this is a fan blog, and I'm allowed (by some, expected) to be a ragingly biased, blinders-wearing homer.

But that's not what's going on here. I like players who aren't with the Red Wings. Some of them are legitimate superstars. Some of them are rugged role players. Some of them... make me question my own taste in hockey players and I really can't explain.


And in the same way, I like teams that aren't the Red Wings too - granted, much less than I like the Red Wings, but so long as they aren't playing Detroit that night (playoff series and ugly incidents notwithstanding), I like them quite a bit.

But Minnesota isn't one of those teams.

Maybe it's because of the whole "stealing the name of Hockeytown" business a couple of years ago (which was an asinine argument anyway - it didn't start out as an awarded nickname, it started out as a marketing ploy, and Ilitch probably has the damn thing copyrighted, so... yeah, good luck with that), or maybe it's because they look like Christmas elves out there, which I find obnoxious. Or it could be because they make a big fricking deal about their arena selling out every night while there's empty seats in the Joe, even though the X-cel Energy Center seats less people than Detroit pulls in on an average night, even with the empty seats (and curse me for not bookmarking these statistics when I found them, but they're out there, somewhere).

Or maybe it's because I remember reading somewhere that the ethnic make-up of the team was actually designed to mirror the ethnic make-up of the state in which it plays (with strong French Canadian and Finnish ties), and that just sounds a little too racist to me, I don't know. "Sorry Petr Sykora, you're too central European to fit in our system. Good luck on waivers."

Ok, so that last one doesn't quite hold up to strict journalistic standards of citation, but I'm trying to find a rational reason why I hate that team so much, and I can't find one. Isn't irrational hatred bad? Doesn't it tend to lead to hate-crimes and genocide and...

You know what? I'm willing to deal with that risk and any bad karma if it means I can enjoy the following to its fullest and most spectacular extent:

Bahahaha beautiful.


Scott said...

I was at that game sitting directly behind Hasek in the upper bowl and let me tell you, seeing that play in person from the view I had was a site I will never forget.

Baroque said...

I know why I hate the Minnesota Wild.

My spillover bile regarding the Minnesota Twinkies of Joe Mauer and Nick Punto and all those other scrappy annoyingly efficient at winning until they go to a team that will pay them is severe enough that it colors all other teams in the region.

I don't even follow football and I want the Vikings to lose whenever the play in the most heart-breaking fashion possible. I don't follow basketball enough to know whether Minnesota even has a professional team, but if they do I want them to fail and fail in an epic fashion.

And I can't wait until the Twinkies play outside in Minnesota and they lose games to blizzards in April and lose the advantage of the garage roof and that damned garbage bag in right field and all the other quirks that make the Metrodome a little slice of climate-controlled Hell on Earth.

Stupid Wild are clearly colored by the same brush as the Twinkies.