Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yeah they damn well better have won that game

That game was far from perfect. But it was the closest the Wings have come to it in weeks, and I'm not going to argue with 2 points.

With 2 points, I'm going to dance around the house jubilantly, like it was a playoff game or something. Except it's January, so that's kind of sad.

I guess the big news of the night (because I refuse to consider the Red Wings winning a game in a decisive fashion "news") is Nick Lidstrom scoring his first goal since practically his rookie season. Talk about getting a giant-ass monkey off your back.

No, not a giant ass-monkey

Also, did anybody else catch Mickey Redmond calling Jimmy "King James" tonight? Yeah, I'm still undecided on whether I want that one to catch on.

You can thank (blame?) the photoshop on the abysmally long time it took for me to load the gorilla picture on dial-up.


Anonymous said...

I think the "King James" comment was in reference to the real King James aka Labron James