Friday, May 8, 2009

I have never been happier to see JS Giguere in my life

That game was... less pukey. And I think after this series, I'm retiring the word pukey. I may have invented it, but that doesn't mean I can't change my mind about liking it.

In case you missed the end of this one because you were asleep, jacked up on caffeine, or piss drunk from the first period, Hockeytown West showed up. They should be proud. The cheering at the final buzzer sounded almost as loud as it does at the Joe.

But I do have a problem with that game - Why do the Red Wings keep baiting me with the unfulfilled promise of free roast beef? Hossa's the worst at this. Today it was him and Franzen each one goal away from the hat trick, and subsequent free Arby's. Seriously, you guys. I'm giving you both the Larry Murphy award.

That's ok. He can get a hat trick on Sunday. Please?


Barrett said...

My roommates and I talk about the Arby's deal almost every game. If someone does get one several of us in grand rapids have plans to drive around to every arby's within 10 miles and eat until we feel well....pukey

Spencer said...

I think we are one of 4 teams in the whole NHL without a player getting a hat trick this year...kinda sucks after watching Nash get 13 a game against us in the regular season.