Monday, February 16, 2009

damn, it's late at night

I heard about tonight's game. I didn't actually get to see it. I was grocery shopping. It sounded pretty ridiculous. This whole season it's looked a little like the team as a unit just hasn't been able to get its legs fully under them for more than a game or two at a time. If it's not defensive coverage, then it's the goaltending, or the cup hangover, or bad officiating, or ill-timed injuries. A lot of nights, the Red Wings can win games without being the best team they can be, so when I look at their record of wins so far, I forget that I've been a little worried about one thing or another concerning their play after all but a precious handful of games this season.

Do they still have time to pull it together?

Hecks yes.

Are they going to?

I don't really know.

It could be worse. The Penguins fired their coach today. (or I guess yesterday, it being four in the morning now.) His last game was a 6-2 loss against the Toronto Maple Leafs. I watched it. Part of me sort of felt bad, but... I laughed anyway.

That's not all I watched. We rented "Newsies" this weekend.

I understand that out of the five people who read this blog, there's probably two people who have even heard of that movie, and one of them is my mother, who only has because she was watching it with us. Bear with me here.

The movie stars a young Christian Bale.

Here are some screencaps of him interspersed with pictures of Leafs rookie Luke Schenn:

Tell me I'm not imagining this.


Anonymous said...

As someone whos college roommate forced them to endure many late night "Newsie" viewings, I have to agree with the comparison of Christian Bale and Luke Schenn. Check out the link a "Happy Gilmore" fan, the Ovie pic is my favorite!