Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Of all the games I couldn't watch, it had to be this one...

I'm sure that was a really great game. I know the last ten minutes were pretty good. The rest of it, I was stuck at a choir concert.

No, I couldn't get out of it early. It was my choir.

I'll catch it when it replays at three in the morning. Of course I'll still be up. I have a paper due tomorrow afternoon.

Apparently Leino's new goal celebration is cross-country skiing. Or maybe slow motion running. Awesome.

One more item of note - all the cool kids on the internet have been blogging the crap out of the Washington Capitals' new all-female fan club, Club Scarlet. I personally have mixed feelings about everything when the subject of hockey and gender comes up, but for the sake of my time and your sanity, I'll save my requisite girl-blogger "I AM NOT A PUCKBUNNY OMG" diatribe for another post. Let's just say that I think it sounds like a good idea in theory, and that everyone's making it out to be a bigger deal than it is, and that I just hope it doesn't serve as another means by which men can be dismissive toward female hockey fans. I've met a few who don't need any more help.

In the meantime, a few observations:

1. "Club Scarlet" sounds like a strip club. (EDIT: It is*. I think it's in Peru.)

*Why did you click on that, you perv? I hope you're over 18.

2. A lot of the content seems to be geared toward the new hockey fan. I can appreciate this - when I took my roommate to her first hockey game last month, I could not have possibly anticipated how ridiculously confusing the sport could be to the uninitiated. Try explaining icing to someone who's never heard of it before. At the same time, I'm assuming they'll eventually have more content for long-established fans, right?

3. They did an eyecandy photoshoot? Yes. They did. Sid Abel's grandson was totally working that pout.

Or at least... that goofy goalie furrowed eyebrow thing...

I still don't know about this just yet.

Because god help us all if the Aaron Downey Ladies (and I still mean ladies like your high school English teacher, or your best friend's mom) ever figure out a way to schedule club meetings.

And by 'god help us all', I mean 'god help Aaron Downey'.