Monday, February 23, 2009

Nothing to say on a Monday night

I don't know why I'm watching this game. Versus is terrible, Marty Turco is a whore, and Skank the Turtle plays for San Jose now. And I really hate watching any game in Dallas, because at the end of each period their arena announcer goes "OOOONNNNNNNEEEEEE MINUTE!" like a total ass. It's the most obnoxious one-minute countdown in the entire league. Typing it really doesn't do the irritating-ness justice.

Brad Stuart is supposed to be back on Wednesday. Until told otherwise, I'm assuming this means the defense pairings are back to how they were before he got injured. It could give the team a boost.

On the topic of Goalies: Tyfus will start Wednesday against the Sharks, and Ozzie will be back in against the Kings Friday. Jimmy Howard was sent back to Grand Rapids Sunday, where he played a pretty solid game against the San Antonio Rampage, except for maybe the last few minutes. But I'll give him some credit because driving the two and a half hours on I-96 to get from Detroit to Grand Rapids in the middle of winter is horrible, especially if you're just getting back from Minnesota.

On top of all this, there was no way that he or the rest of the team could have fed off the intensity of the crowd, seeing as Van Andel Arena was filled (using the term 'filled' loosely) with elementary schoolers singing the Sponge Bob Square Pants theme song (I may or may not have joined in), and ladies there only to see Aaron Downey. (and by "ladies", I don't mean like - "hey, ladies!", I mean ladies like your best friend's mom. The one who made really good casserole, and owned a lot of purses full of coupons and mints, and had you zip your coat up before you walked the twelve feet from her door to your car. Van Andel is swarming with them. And they all wish they could make casserole for Aaron Downey. I sort of love them.) Anyway, crowd or no crowd, the Griffins won. Take that, Phoenix Coyotes primary AHL affilate!

Can you tell it's kind of a slow day for Red Wings news?