Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day

The Red Wings have lost their last 5 games (6 if you count the All Star game as a Red Wings loss, which I do, even though the standings don't). According to Bruce MacLeod, Hank's still out, Homer's still out, and now Meech is out. I think I'm having flashbacks to last February.

There are a lot of different approaches people take to hockey-related stress. Some of them turn to religion. Some of them turn to alcohol. Some of them turn to early trade rumors.

Today, I've turned to astrology.

I hold in my hands a genuine Meijer checkout line $2.49 Starscroll. Why have I purchased this? The same reason horoscopes are still printed in newspapers - sometimes you just want to see what they say. Apparently, I have no less than ten lucky love days this short month. Awesome!

How does this have anything to do with hockey? Even though he's not playing tonight, I share my sign with Henrik Zetterberg. Let's see what the fates hold in store for him today:

"What seems like a "no win" situation is apt to change quickly. Your careful handling of a $-matter or love tiff does the job. Your selflessness alters a penny-pincher's mood to create a good time this evening."

So if everything goes according to plan, the Red Wings should have a come-from-behind win against St. Louis tonight, and Hossa and/or Franzen will be inspired to take a massive pay cut to stay with the team. I hope it's right, because I can't get my money back if it isn't.

(Although, keep in mind that you're also reading Chris Pronger's horoscope. I don't know if I'd have pegged him as a Libra.)