Friday, February 20, 2009

Jimmy got called up

By now this is probably bordering on old news, but the Wings called up Jimmy Howard to back-up Conklin tonight, and probably start against Minnesota on Saturday.

Osgood is taking some time off for what George Sipple is calling a 'mental breather'. George sounded a little upset that Ozzie didn't want to talk to him after practice the other day. I don't know. If I were him, I wouldn't want to talk to George Sipple right now either. The indication is that he'll get the start next Wednesday, against San Jose. I know it's been said that he plays his best under pressure to prove himself, but now that game is making me nervous. Not least of all because I won't actually be able to watch the first half of it.

Find-your-happy-place-mantra of the day, courtesy of Ken Holland - "the playoffs don't start today." And I can use that to assuage my raging hockey-panic for another month and a half.

Lost in a lot of discussion on whether or not Chris Osgood is going to be able to pull it together by the end of the season (and I'm pretty sure he'll pull it together eventually, but I don't know when) is Howard. His call-up is absolutely killing the Griffins, who have had to sign Joel Martin to a professional try-out because Larsson is sick this week. (No. I don't know who Joel Martin is either.)

Howard's numbers have been pretty good this season, even though I've never personally seen him win a game (my presence in Van Andel Arena this year has consistently been the kiss of death), and Holland sounds pretty confident in him for now.

And anyway, I like him. A close inspection of his mask will show you that this season, he's travelling at just under Yzerman miles per hour.

That's gotta be like wicked fast.