Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jason Arnott had a wet and wild night

No, really. That's Jason Arnott.

It seemed like his was the only name Ken mentioned. If nothing else, that meant that at least I didn't have to spend the entire game hearing about Jordan Tootoo. But it also meant that by the time he skated out to take the shootout, it felt like he was destined to score. I spend another night watching the number on my kitchen whiteboard not go up. Lindsay curses Ken Daniels for jinxing the game with his talk of numbers.

It wasn't like it was sixty minutes of pure awfulness, either. There was a lot of good hockey played tonight, against a desperate team. Some defensive idiocy as well, yeah, but up until the end, a lot of good hockey.

And all I'm going to remember is how the Red Wings blew another 2 goal lead. Ugh, how frustrating.

I fricking hate Nashville.