Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WTF Wednesday- Nikolai Khabibulin looks like other people (and chases Norwegians with a wrench?)

Well, he does. In honor of the Wings playing Chicago every other day for the rest of the season, here he is.

He makes one face while he's in net, and it's the same face every time.


Here's what he does on weekends?

(make sure you at least skip ahead to the 2 minute mark)

Alright, Evgeni Plushenko a bit of a stretch, but imagine turning on your television at three in the morning only to find this creep who looks like an NHL goalie licking his hand. Because I did. It haunts me still.

And this one is dead on. I cannot have been the only one who noticed this:

Tomorrow's game is against Nashville. What kind of sick joke is this schedule?


Spencer said...

As an avid reader and fan of your blog I would greatly appreciate if figure skating and men in tights were left out of the weekly postings. Please...