Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three down, one to go

This video sums up the entire game. The Blue Jackets try to be sweet, but they fail, the crowd gets confused about what to cheer for, and then the Red Wings score. That's pretty much how the whole game went.

Listen to the disappointment in the announcer's voice when Hank scores. It almost makes me feel bad for Columbus. Almost.

...and of course this monstrous hit cannot be forgotten.

On a final note, if you didn't happen to catch this when it was live, go check it out now. Lilja took part in a live chat this afternoon and it's a pretty good read. About halfway through, the talk changes from pure hockey to Kris Draper's food. I'm not sure if the link will last, but I sure hope so. I guess he'll be doing another one this Thursday, so you have another chance if you missed it, like me.


Scott said...

That was awesome...and the game wasn't too shabby either.