Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I chose subtitles...

So yesterday was a pretty good day for hockey. Marty broke the record for most all time wins, and then spent the next eight minutes cutting the mesh out of the net, before enlisting in help from his backup and Shanny. The Wings managed to rally back in the third to keep Philly's losing streak at The Joe alive. The game was, in the immortal words of Chris Osgood, a kerfuffle. It was pretty gross for a while so I decided it would be better to turn the subtitles on my television on and at least get a good laugh out of the horribleness that is Versus.

Unfortunately, "Clarion" and "Host the" couldn't get the puck past "Eight Biron", but thankfully "France and" could. Hank was "a gifted and good fishing hands". "Erik sons" had a pretty good game last night, too.

I was mildly disappointed with the subtitles, I won't lie. Pretty much the extent of the mistakes was name botches, things like the ones above, and others like "now they move back to Alberta", instead of Alberts. But it's ok, because the Wings made the game pretty exciting in the last twenty minutes, so I stopped reading them anyway.

Be sure you check back here later today for another WTF? Wednesday, which should be posted soon.