Friday, March 27, 2009

Tonight's first star - MacDonald's Goalposts

Red Wings lose to Islanders, 2-0.

Am I sad? Yes, I'm sad. Am I frustrated? Yes, I'm frustrated. Am I surprised?

Honestly, no. The top team in the league plays the bottom team in the league. The bottom team brings their A game. The top team maybe throws out a solid B+, if they're feeling fiesty. Tell me you haven't heard this story before.

MacDonald deserves the credit for some ridiculous saves. And hitting goalposts instead of the net is a matter of centimeters. There were some ass-ugly stretches, but it's not like the Wings slept the full 60 minutes. They didn't make it as hard for New York as they could have, but they didn't hand them the game on a silver platter, either. I'll give credit where credit is due.

Still. Losing to the Islanders is still losing to the Islanders. Gross.


Matt said...

Exactly. Of course, that doesn't mean people won't freak out about it. The "OMFG Fire Babcock!!!11!11!" lobby returns....

JB said...

Pretty much what I was expecting today. Not a horrible effort, especially in the third. They ran into a determined goalie, who also had luck on his side...which really can be part of goaltending la vie