Sunday, March 22, 2009

She was about to go all Jedi on Hollweg's ass

Last night Lindsay and I were apparently witness to the first game in Griffins history where no penalties were called (maybe in response to Friday night's game where the worst penalty I have ever seen in my life was called. It wasn't even questionable. There was no question. Helm was a good six feet away. But I digress...)

It was Star Wars night. We had standing room only tickets, there were stormtroopers on the concourse, Darth Vader was walking around... I was kind of dorking out.

Lindsay almost had to be held back from hitting Ryan Hollweg with her $5 plastic lightsaber as he passed us on his way out of the arena. You may remember Ryan Hollweg from such timeless classics as Ryan Hollweg hits Sergei Kostitsyn from behind, Chris Simon tries to kill Ryan Hollweg, and Ryan Hollweg dances like a fool while Shanny laughs at him. I'm not sure where Lindsay developed such a seething, burning hatred for the man (I didn't think she liked the Kostitsyns that much) but there's no arguing with her once she's formed an opinion. Her and her lightsaber were bent on vengance. (If it was vengance against his creeper-stache, I could see where she was coming from.)

I don't know about her sometimes. Oh well. Anything for the Justin Abdelkader bobbleheads.

And that's only my nightstand because none of my shelves get enough light to take a decent picture. Really.


Anonymous said...

Any idea what was going on with Section 109 after the first goal? That, together with the zero penalties, made for a weird night.

Seemed like a ridiculous amount of Stormtroopers and Clone Troopers there. But the best was the Count Dooku guy who went out on the ice in black pants, a black shirt, and a cape. A great costume.

T/L said...

I have no idea. The entire night was just bizarre. I don't think any recap of the game could do the night justice.

I honestly was expecting there to be maybe four guys in costume. Seeing them on skates just made it better.

Barrett said...

The whole no penalty thing was real weird. I've never watched a hockey game at any level without a penalty called. Should be plenty tonight in Detroit to make up for it. Frakkin Calgary.